bioQUBE is a robust, mobile and compact anaerobic digester module housed in a standard 20 foot shipping container. Differing numbers of modules can be linked together to make up the required unit size. It can be used with a powerQUBE combined heat and power (CHP) unit to produce electricity and heat from the biogas produced, or the resultant biogas can be cleaned and compressed to be used as a vehicle fuel, or combusted directly for cooking purposes. The bioQUBE units come ready to plug and play. More 

quickQUBE is the rapid deployment version of bioQUBE. quickQUBE technology packages up the process control and energy recovery systems into two standard NATO pallets for easy transportation and deployment. Once at the site the reinforced plastic-fabric digester is unfolded to become the processing space and gas holder, allowing the quickQUBE to be plugged in – simple, quick and efficient. More 

powerQUBE is a combined heat and power generator (CHP) in its own ‘pod’, complete with control panel and connections, enabling it to be used easily with either a bioQUBE or a quickQUBE, or it can be used with other technologies that produce biogas. The CHP engine comes a range of sizes from 3.2kW to 30kW electrical. The engines run on 100% biogas with no need for any other fuel even to start them up. More 

LagoonQUBE is a flexible, removable cover that operates as a digester, floating on a lagoon or open top tank to collect biogas and importantly rain water. LagoonQUBE has been designed to float on top to allow operating levels to vary, so as stores filled and emptied during the year the system will rise and fall. Heating and mixing equipment is suspended from the floating lagoonQUBE to enhance the natural biogas production processes, which is captured in the dome and used for onsite heat and power generation.More 



If the bioQUBE or quickQUBE are taking certain types of food wastes, it may be necessary for it to be pasteurised so that the resulting digestate can be spread to land without the concern of transmitting pathogens to grazing livestock.

QUBE Renewables have developed a small pasteurizing unit that can be used in conjunction with QUBE digesters drawing the heat for pasteurisation from the powerQUBE. The unit has a very low energy demand meaning that the energy balance of the system is still favourable.

Through our partners we are also able to provide biogas to biomethane upgrading technology. The biogas produced from wastes in the QUBE digesters can be cleaned and compressed to be used as high pressure fuel for vehicles as per Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or as bottled gas for cooking and heating in remote areas. Contact us for more information.