Sanitation and energy generation from sewage and local food waste.

Applicable for emergency relief, longer term camp facilities and developing country's infrastructure worldwide. 

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5m3 - 313m3

Quick to install digesters with varying capacities. Ideal for transportation to remote sites with poor access. Lightweight with  the longest component only 2m in length

  • Quick to deploy, Fast installation for emergency sanitation in the event of natural disasters, refugee camps and other humanitarian aid situations

  • Lightweight with  the longest component only 2m in length

  • Designed to fit on standard NATO pallets for rapid deployment

  • Availability of larger systems up to 313m3

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A simplified, scaled down manual anaerobic digester for remote or off-grid locations in developing countries.

  • Suitable for digesting food waste, sewage and animal manures

  • Each digester has capacity for 19kg waste per day – producing up to 6 hours of cooking gas per day

  • Locally sourced parts and materials

  • Within 2 weeks the system will produce biogas for cooking and a rich liquid fertiliser for improved crop production

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