We publish our prices at the beginning of each year, to take in to account changes in the cost of materials and manufacturing. If your enquiry is from overseas, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant Registered Collaborator for your area.

Project Development

For a QUBE project to stack up financially, small scale anaerobic digestion has to be primarily a waste disposal method, with on-site energy generation as an additional bonus, rather than the main driver. For our bioQUBE and quickQUBE systems, the best projects digest organic wastes that have a good potential gas yield, are difficult to manage, or have a high disposal cost that can be mitigated. Alternatively for agricultural wastes, the lagoonQUBE is a low cost digester that utilises your existing farm assets, solving multiple on-farm issues as well as providing energy. 

For most proceedable projects, a typical payback period would be less than 6 years.


For some projects we can offer funding, and this can be in two forms:

  • Asset based funding via Lombard Finance, this funds up to 90% of the install costs of the plant and equipment.
  • Through Private Equity funding - this will fund up to 100% of the project, but the project must have long term revenues and good counter parties, at least over 5 years. This is ideally suited to Government and NGO operations where they are seeking a managed solution.