QuickQUBE is an easy to transport and deploy small scale anaerobic digestion system.

Ideal for military, trial and other humanitarian operations, quickQUBE can be run from biodegradable waste streams including human sewage

Biogas is produced after just a couple of days and can be utilised directly for cooking or energy generation on site. Click Here to find out more.


QuickQUBEs can be deployed as a single unit with a scalable digestion capacity from 5m3 - 313m3 or as a number of smaller units connected to the same feed and gas storage systems.

A flexible, hard-wearing PVC digester, packing down to a small size (all components can fit onto standard NATO pallets).

Once at the site the highly insultated and UV resistant fabric is unfolded to become the digester space and gas holder, allowing the quickQUBE to be plugged in to take wastes within a couple of hours – simple, quick and efficient.


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