Humanitarian Enterprises

QUBE delivers sanitation and sustainable energy where it is needed most. quickQUBE and miniQUBE are invaluable in emergency relief situations, supporting long term camp facilities. But they do more than that. QUBE is capable of providing a sustainable source of sanitation and energy in remote communities across the developing world. 

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quickQUBE is easy to install, that's it's called quickQUBE. Due to its size and ease of construction, it is ideal for deployment in remote areas with poor access. 

  • Available in a range of sizes (5m3 - 313m3)
  • Quick to deploy for emergency sanitation in the event of natural disasters, refugee camps and other humanitarian aid situations

  • Lightweight with and small  (the longest component only 2m in length)

  • Designed to fit standard NATO pallets 

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Our smallest and simplest, manual anaerobic digester, designed for remote or off-grid locations in developing countries.

  • Suitable for digesting food waste, sewage and animal manures

  • Each digester has capacity for 19kg waste per day (providing up to six) hours of cooking gas per day

  • Locally sourced parts and materials

  • Within two weeks a miniQUBE can produce biogas for cooking and a rich liquid fertiliser for growing crops

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