lagoonQUBE is a flexible, removable lagoon cover that operates as an anaerobic digester, floating on a lagoon or open top tank to collect biogas and harvest rain water.

This innovative QUBE floats, and rises as stores are filled. With lagoonQUBE you are able to empty it as and when you want throughout the year. 


LagoonQUBE pods are tessellating hexagonal units that can be interlinked to form a cover across an entire lagoon. As a lagoon is emptied, the covers “beach” themselves on the banks, and as the lagoon is refilled the covers float up again on the surface of the slurry.

As a cost effective method of anaerobic digestion for agricultural purposes, the lagoonQUBEs:

  • Utilise your existing farm assets
  • Capture biogas and harvest rain water 
  • Are quick to install and easy to maintain
  • Can be removed to allow maintenance of the lagoon or store (digging out)

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