Meet Jimmy, our Philippines team leader

Jimmy. QUBE..png

Jimmy, a local mushroom farmer, has the important task of making sure the day-to-day operating of dryQUBE runs smoothly for his fellow villagers. On our recent trip to the Philippines, we spent one-on-one time training villagers like Jimmy in how to operate our anaerobic digestion QUBEs.

Team leaders like Jimmy are essential to small scale anaerobic digestion systems making a difference in the developing world. A lot of local farmers are aware of the harmful impact that burning rice straw has on their environment but unfortunately are unaware of the simple solution that is anaerobic digestion.

Working alongside Jimmy results in the whole community learning about the benefits of dry digestion. A lot of villages in the developing world struggle to find a reliable energy source, dryQUBE provides exactly that, by converting waste rice straw into biogas that can be used for cooking and fuelling vehicles.

“I’m so thankful to QUBE for teaching me about anaerobic digestion. My priority is now maintaining the bio-digester so I can continue to provide biogas for my community. Without dryQUBE we’d still be burning rice straw and producing harmful pollution, so this is a huge step forward.”

Jimmy 2.png
Alice Bayfield